Add security measures on your iPhone in case it gets stolen

Posted by joan16v

What can we do to increase the security of our phone? There are several options to protect your iPhone against thefts.

First of all , the main thing is to have the latest iOS version and iCloud configured, which adds significant improvements regarding the safety of your phone, such as the fact that if someone restores the firmware, asks for password of our Apple ID to use the phone . Having configured iCloud is also key to get into or the app Find My iPhone from another iPhone/iPad and try to locate our stolen iPhone introducing our Apple ID.

If we Jailbreak our iPhone, we will also have several tweaks in Cydia for adding extra security to our mobile.

One vital step to protect our data is to add an unlock code on the iPhone. If you have a 5s or newer, you have the Fingerprint Recognition. In other iPhones we have the 4 digit unlock. In Cydia, also we have the tweak AndroidLock XT. This tweak allows us to unlock the phone with famous Android pattern, which is more comfortable than the numeric code.

A good idea is also to use the tweak iCaughtU Pro. With this tweak if someone enters a wrong code/pattern , the phone takes a picture with the front camera and mail to the mail address you set. In addition with GPS coordinates, time, location, etc. Very useful if our iPhone is stolen, and also to find out if anyone wanted to gossip our smartphone.

If our iPhone gets stolen, it’s likely that the first thing the thief will try is to turn off the phone. There is a tweak in Cydia called PowerDown Enhacer that adds a password when you attempt to power off pressing the power button . If the thief is smart, has alternative to turn off the phone , but the more barriers we put, more time may have to go into iCloud and locate the phone. If for example the thief removes the SIM card, there will be nothing you can do to locate the device, because the phone will not be able to send data to the network.

Another thing that worries a lot in case of iPhone loss is the lock screen . We can disable the Notification Center and the Control Center. To do this, go to Settings->Notification Center or Settings->Control Center and disable the Access in Lock Screen. There is also a tweak in Cydia called No Lockscreen Camera hiding access to the camera from the lock screen.